Charisma with no integrity is pure danger

By Innerout 14/06/2017
Charisma with no integrity is pure danger

The rhetoric arsenal usually taught whenever we approach charisma is the already classical weaponry of persuasion: metaphors, analogies, rhetorical questions, stories, anecdotes, contrasting points, repetitions, dramatic pauses, not to mention versatile facial expressions, ample gestures and last but not least an animated and penetrating tone of voice.

They are not at all unimportant; on the contrary, they make the entire beauty and force of self-expression. They are overtly taught in leadership courses, trained in public speaking modules and consciously practiced in everyday life.

But subconsciously? Oh, what a brave new world unfolds here!

There is something that remains constantly more powerful and that delivers a force replacing this entire arsenal of teachable tools. And this is moral conviction, the underworld of inner truths. Being sure that what you say reflects what you truly believe and staying …holistic are key to exerting charisma and making people follow you. “The essential element in personal magnetism – Bruce Barton once said – is a consuming sincerity, an overwhelming faith in the importance of the work one has to do”.

The mother of all mimics and body language cannot cover a fake discourse, fake feelings and fake values.

As values are what you display, what you wear and what you breathe. Emanating confidence is a consequence of trusting yourself, your own map, your instincts and your knowledge. Convictions transpire through our Freudian slips and undertones are audible even if well buffered.

And maybe this is why we speak so much of integrity these days. So much that it became a buzzword. Which is actually pitiful.
The term designates the concept of remaining entire, un-fractured, un-split in whatever you do. I think branding is intrinsically a matter of integrity because unless you gather yourself, you cannot answer simply, sharply to the question: what are you about, basically? Promotion and advertising with no branding is pure noise, charisma with no integrity is pure danger.


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