I’d rather define personal branding by what it is not:

  • It is not a gift made to the ego and certainly not a selfie, but a process of gently guided introspection distilled into a clear picture of oneself
  • It is not a dogma but a living and holistic entity
  • It is not a flimsy social reflection of a transient mood, but an act of responsibility for a long term construction
  • It is not a polish, but an authentic nutshell of meaning, acknowledged and enriched
  • It surely does not deterge spots upon reputations and it’s not lipstick on the gorilla

In personal branding I work for ideas and beautiful projects seen through the eyes of their beholders, but crafted and refined through the objective and well-polished lenses of the outside consultant. Managers, entrepreneurs and freelancers are nothing but the humble employees of their ideas, deeds, projects and businesses at the end of the day. They are not servants of self; they must stand for something and not sit on their own persona. Branding is an inner-towards-outer journey.