Brand Engagement Sessions

Brand engagement sessions are unique experiences in the landscape of corporate trainings. They are at the crossroad of three main axes: corporate branding, organizational culture and personal development. The liaison between these three axes is stronger than it might seem and highly relevant for the intrinsic motivation of people.

They are usually the last step of a rebranding process or during change management where strategic shifts need to be internalized at all levels. Or even when there are too many things that remained unspoken during an accelerated growth process. New decisions have to be communicated with transparency, authenticity and seduction. Employer – employee is a “transactional space” almost like a theater of operations, in the most pacifist sense of the expression, where goals and objectives need emotional alignment.

Such sessions of symbolic “engagement” with the organizational values lead to intimate little revelations that people have about the umbilical link between the employer’s brand and their own personal brand. These sessions always leave behind fruitful introspection, positive outlook, a sense of belonging and group effervescence. That is why we call them the “togetherness tools.” “Organizations that focus beyond profit and instill a strong sense of purpose among their employees are more likely to find long-term success.” (Deloitte Research, 2013)