Brand Audit / Brand Strategy / Brand Design / Internal branding

The company and its business challenge:

A Romanian entrepreneurship performing excellence in its field of activity (catering services for big events) proved to be rather understated when it came to self-presentation. Official supplier of the Royal House of Romania, with tens of happy and loyal clients sensed the need to harvest more of its potential through refreshment in its own yard, organizationally, rhetorically and visually.

As any brand conceptual journey starts with self-awareness, the company went through an extensive internal and external brand audit on employees and key clients, to dig for the authenticity core that would eventually be the backbone of future promises. What the audit revealed was an amazingly functional discrepancy between internal and external “realities” of the brand. The company’s capacity and willingness to satisfy high demands of clients was rooted in an internal relentless culture of effort. A lot of striving put behind high stake events, with little time for celebration of the results.  As a result of this finding, an internal culture of recognition, thanksgiving and celebration was put in place in almost a year.

The design output

According to clients’ testimonials, the main asset of the company was the capacity to produce great taste in food, through passion for details and well-curated recipes. Hand made, clean and freshly cooked dishes, with a penchant for complex yet classical tastes, this was a highly appreciated mixture and the main reason feeding clients loyalty.

“Passion around perfection” as an own-able promise followed naturally as a signature.

Design wise, the exquisite proprietary dish received a superimposed aquarelle interpretation. So, a visual identity fresh in the category came out at the crossroads between the classic posture of a signature dish and a free, relaxed young-at-heart brush. It came out as the best way to picture taste, elegance, and freedom of expression.

Design credits: Foodwise