ASKO – the rebranding of a car dealership and organizational upgrade

Brand Design / Brand Strategy

The aim of the brand consultancy services was to bring clarity in a portfolio of brands, build a professional identity kit and engage employees around the whole process, in a business that needs constantly both attraction and retention.

Innerout started with a brand perception audit performed among employees on all levels, brand strategy and rhetoric, naming process, brand design and brand engagement sessions, in this specific order.

The goal of the perception audit was to aggregate employees’ perceptions into a consistent, relevant and true picture of the organization to be able to come up with a brand promise that is relevant internally and externally

The goal of the rebranding (naming and design) was to build under the same identity a new house of brands that will host all current of future car brands under the common roof (Mazda, Suzuki, Honda, Toyota, Kia as brands in the dealer’s portfolio)

The aim of the brand engagement sessions was to align the organization around the newly born brand.

Identity wise, the (car) services brand was built upon its “caregiver” brand archetype. The identity is the illustration of reliability. The metallic half of the story (the expression of expertise and knowledge in the field) is complemented by the “red” transparent half that speaks about people and their passion for cars. “Your car. Our care.” is a bold and honest promise that stands well on its feet, in a well-calibrated symbol of trust.